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Storage Conditions May Have Negative Effect on Physical Properties of PAA

A recent analysis of PAA from a tote of Optisperse identified that the PAA was out of specification for several key parameters including viscosity and suspended solids. This particular tote had frozen, thawed, and then was placed in service. This off-specification PAA created chronic pump loss of prime issues.

Other totes had been subjected to the same environmental conditions which resulted in injection system abnormalities. Investigation has identified that one of the common factors of these totes is that they were left outdoors for a period of time during the winter. These totes do not contain "Do Not Freeze" labels when they are shipped and the receiving docks and operators who move them onsite do not know to keep them indoors.

It is RSl's suggestion that upon receipt of these totes, stations immediately move them into a climate controlled area and minimize the amount of time they spend outdoors during transit onsite during the winter. If the contents of a tote is frozen, RSI recommends that the tote not be used to prevent injection system issues.

Date : 5/24/2017