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  • Practical solutions that work Experts that help you do it better

  • Practical solutions that work Experts that help you do it better

  • Practical solutions that work Experts that help you do it better

Welcome to Radiological Solutions Inc.

In today’s competitive environment, the ability for utilities to compete starts with Radiological Solutions Inc. It’s not merely that our products and services consistently exceed –and sometimes define—the toughest industry standards.

It’s not just innovative process equipment and services, or our commitment to quality, or the flexibility to customize and manufacture water treatment equipment to your specifications. Paramountly, it is this. Our broad range of products and services are backed by a depth of technical support and product knowledge that is quite simply unmatched in the industry. That know-how includes a wealth of knowledge that only comes from experience.

Experience has taught us that the solution to your problem is unique. Tell us your problem. We can provide a solution tailored to your needs. Practical solutions that work. Experts that help you do it better. That’s a combination that can give you the competitive edge.

Innovative Technologies

RSI is a veteran in the nuclear industry specializing in providing practical custom-tailored engineering solutions. We take great pride in being able to provide practical solutions to complex problems always focusing on customer needs. Learn More


RSI is an industry leader in providing services to the nuclear power industry. Whether it is training, water treatment or radiation protection related consulting, or performing critical in-the-field measurements, RSI can provide the services you need to excel. Learn More


RSI products are in use 24/7 and we understand that new products must be both robust and reliable. Critical processes such as zinc, dispersant, or hydrazine addition, and process sampling are areas where RSI products excel. Learn More

Mar 28 2016

RSI Expands Chemical Feed System Offerings

RSI recently designed, fabricated, and commissioned a Class II Division I flammable material chemical feed system.

Dec 17 2012

Kuosheng Advanced Resin Cleaning System Successfully Commissioned

RSI in partnership with NanDao Engineering recently completed installation and final acceptance testing of RSI's Advanced Resin Cleaning System (ARCS) at Kuosheng Nuclear Power Plant.