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RSI's Phoenix Flow Totalizer™

Reliable Like-for-Like Replacement

Do you have non-functioning old style drip meter flow totalizers that you can no longer replace or repair? RSI has the solution! We can retrofit state-of-the-art components that are currently used in our Corrosion Product Samplers into the case of your old drip meters. The resulting product is a flow totalizer that is better than when it was new.

Benefits of The Phoenix Flow Totalizer™

  • Like-for-like replacement eliminates the need for costly and time consuming engineering changes
  • Reliable and accurate totalizing instrumentation that have a proven track record in RSI's corrosion product samplers
  • Digital display can be toggled between total flow in liters and flow rate in mL/min
  • Total can be reset to zero at the start of a sample or reset feature can be disabled to prevent inadvertent resetting during a sample
  • No external power required. Battery life in display is 5 years

Refurbishment Process

  • Non-contaminated drip meter is disassembled and internals discarded
  • Case is sandblasted and powder coated (many custom colors available)
  • A calibrated totalizer assembly is fitted in case
  • Calibration constants are entered into a digital totalizer and it is installed in the plastic face
  • Unit is re-assembled with ¼" Swagelok® bulkhead fittings for ease of plant connections (please specify if different size/type connections are needed)
  • Finished product is fully tested and supplied with calibration certificate