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Continuous Gas Partitioner

A Proven Method

The Continuous Gas Partitioner (CGP) is an accessory for use with the helium mass spectrometer usually found at most power plant sites. The CGP allows identification and evaluation of below-water gaseous inputs as well as above-water inputs (with sufficient gaseous solubilities) to the plant condensate system. Additionally, evaluation of oxygen contaminated liquid inputs and condenser gas removal efficiency is possible with the CGP. The CGP is portable and simple to operate thus providing a useful tool that power plant personnel can use to accomplish sophisticated condenser performance evaluations. Previously, this could only be done using slow, expensive, and complex gas measuring systems.

Unique Features

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Operating pressure range of 50 to 100 psig
  • Maximum N2 gas pressure is 100 psig
  • Maximum water inlet pressure is 1000 psig
  • Temperature limits of 40 to 120° F
  • A variety of tests can be performed with the CGP/helium leak detector


RSI's Continuous Gas Partitioner (CGP) is designed to provide the means for rapid underwater detection of dissolved gases when used in conjunction with helium or argon as a tracer and a conventional mass spectrometer/detector. (May also be used with SF6).