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Corrosion Product Sampler

A Proven Method

Based on 30 years of technical development, the RSI Corrosion Product Sampler has evolved into the industry benchmark. The sampler has many unique features that are both user friendly and functional. Distinct features include a specially designed sample holder with positive liquid displacement, electronic flow measurement and totalizing, and minimum overall size. The reliability of RSI corrosion product samplers is well established. These samplers are in service at power stations worldwide which are too numerous to list.

Unique Features

  • No tools filter housing bolts
  • Integral and positive sample filter dewatering
  • No tubing to disconnect when changing samples
  • No Teflon® containing wetted parts
  • Sample collection on standard filters and ion exchange membranes
  • State-of-the-art electronic flow measurement and sample volume totalization
  • Sample flow rates up to 350 ml/min
  • Integral bypass flow capabilities to 1800 ml/min
  • High pressure and temperature (with optional integral cooler) capabilities for all power plant needs
  • All flow rate and pressure regulation downstream of sample housing
  • Concise flow path on sampler panel
  • Single or dual unit configuration in single cabinet
  • Optional instrumented sample cooler
  • Optional thermal shutoff valve
  • RSI can customize samplers to meet special design/installation requirements

Product Description and Application

The RSI Corrosion Product Sampler allows for accurate, integrated corrosion product collection of both insoluble and soluble species from all power plant streams. This is especially important for compliance with regulatory agency and vendor guidelines and/or requirements. The samplers are typically constructed with all connections rear mounted using Swagelok® style connectors and fittings. All wetted components are 304 or 316 stainless steel, titanium or inert materials.

No external power is required for normal operation, even with the integrated sample cooler and instrumentation. The sample cabinets are stackable and will fit on any typical laboratory cart for portability. They can also be permanently mounted, or the sampler panel (and coolers) can be rack mounted. Typical dimensions for a single unit are 14.5" (W) 14" (H) 17" (L). A dual unit is 25.5" (W) 19.5" (H) 19" (L). They can also be manufactured in custom sizes to meet your particular needs.

Typically, sampling membranes consist of standard 47 mm Millipore® type filters alone or combined with ion exchange membranes.

High sample (and bypass) flow rates can be maintained for integrated sampling of very low concentrations of corrosion products. This allows for accurate average determination of corrosion products and system or sub-system mass balances.

The Corrosion Product Sampler was initially developed for nuclear application(s). However, the well conceived design and functionality allows for use in a broad range of industrial or laboratory applications.