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Closure of NWT/Continuation of Services

As you may have heard, NWT Corporation has announced that they will terminate all operations in the upcoming months. RSI is aware that this will affect some of your routine chemistry department activities. NWT provided laboratory services for the analysis of noble metals samples collected by RSI. Be assured, we are currently searching for a laboratory to provide those services in the future so that there will be no interruption in routine noble metals sampling.

NWT has been referring corrosion product sampler (CPS) inquiries to RSI for approximately the last 9 months. RSI has responded by supplying CPS with the same attachment points for plants with existing NWT samplers to avoid plant design changes.

At RSI, we pride ourselves in providing solutions to chemistry and radiological control challenges. If there is some service or product you relied on NWT for, do not hesitate to contact us to help you find a replacement.

Date : 7/19/2021