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RSI Offers Training Courses

RSI will be offering two training courses in January 2024:

  • Radiochemistry and Gamma Spec fundamentals class scheduled for the week of January 8th, 2024 at St. Lucie Plant at Jensen Beach, Florida. (Register online)
  • Basis and Application of the Offsite Dose Calculation Manual class scheduled for the week of January 15th, 2024 at St. Lucie Plant at Jensen Beach, Florida. (Register online)

RSI's core radiochemistry fundamentals course is designed for chemistry and radiation protection personnel to develop a core understanding of radiochemistry principles and the relationship to plant systems. This course provides practical, hands-on information and techniques for personnel responsible for radiochemistry analysis and data evaluation activities. Common radiochemistry topics will be covered, including power operations, startup conditions, shutdown conditions, primary to secondary leak detection, transport of radionuclides, tritium, problems in analysis, and hard to detect nuclides. Attendees are encouraged to bring plant data for group discussions.

Additionally, RSI's core Offsite Dose Calculation Manual course develops participants' in-depth understanding of the fundamentals of RETS/REMP and delivers practical, hands-on learning and proven techniques for personnel who are responsible for RETS and REMP activities. Common program and regulatory topics will be covered throughout the seminar as well as targeted design-specific topics for BWR and PWR plant designs.

A common understanding of radiochemistry and ODCM programs between Training, RP and Chemistry is highly beneficial during both operating and outage activities. Please pass this invitation to RP and to applicable Training personnel as warranted.

The cost for each course is $2,300 and students are encouraged to bring examples of odd or difficult gamma spec reports, odd peaks, persistent QC trends, and other troublesome issues.

More information is available in the program flyer PDF document links below.

Radiochemistry fundamentals details

Online radiochemistry fundamentals registration

ODCM details

Online ODCM registration

Date : 9/14/2023