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RSI Performs First of a Kind Sampling

RSI successfully performed noble metals sampling on fuel channel fastener clips for Energy Northwest at Columbia Generating Station (CGS). Quantification of noble metals above minimum levels allows for in-vessel inspection relief in accordance with EPRI BWRVIP-62A and shows that Online Noble Chemâ„¢ is effective. Sampling the surface of a fuel channel clip, while still attached to a fuel bundle, can be performed in the spent fuel pool during non-outage periods removing this important task from refuel outage scope (note that sampling can be performed during a refueling outage if required). RSI designed and built equipment specifically for the Electric Power Research Institute Boiling Water Reactor Vessel Internals Program (EPRI BWRVIP) in order to sample fuel channel clips on both GNF and Areva fuel in-situ. CGS elected to sponsor this first of a kind sampling campaign as a part of their noble metals program, working with RSI for a successful proof of concept.

Date : 5/28/2019